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This is a unique interview series with 11 inspiring speakers, professionals in different fields offering you support and simple strategies to naturally gain your inner peace and balance to truly shine every day

Get advice and practical tips from leading experts to calm your mind and feel in balance and harmony.

Insights from different perspectives to restore your mind/body balance, reduce stress and anxiety to keep your health and thrive even under challenging conditions.

Embrace your present moment and connect with positivity and joy.

Say Yes to your true Self, discover routines for self-care and shine unique energy you hold within.


Meet Our Inspiring Speakers

Cindy Black

Founder and Instructor of Big Tree School of Natural Healing (Meridian Massage,
Chinese Medicine, Holistic Living)

I have been teaching alternative medicine for over 20 years. As a Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, I have been integrating the theory of Chinese Medicine with modern hands-on healing techniques. After years of weaving the two together, I wrote and published “Meridian Massage, Opening Pathways to Healing.”

My Vision:
Healing is natural.  Anyone with an interest and a dose of curiosity can learn how to access the healing potential of Qi (energy) in order to benefit themselves and others.

Meridian Massage is my way of connecting with Qi.  It is my deepest pleasure to teach this work.

Ruth C. White, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S.W.

Stress management expert, mental health activist, Clinical Associate Professor at University of Southern California, author of Stress Management workbook

Diversity trainer, stress management expert, and mental health activist who is committed to creating healthier and happier workplaces, workforces, classrooms, and communities. She is a Clinical Associate Professor in social work at the University of Southern California. Her keynotes and workshops focus on stress management, preventing burnout and compassion fatigue, mental health stigma, workforce mental health, and diversity/equity/inclusion. Her approach is holistic, science-based, prevention-focused, and grounded in her past experience as an elite athlete, a lifetime of fitness, and her mental health journey as someone who lives with bipolar disorder. Also author of The Stress Management Workbook and Everyday Stress Relief.

Fiona van Lochem

Rapid Transformational Therapist, Emotion Code Practitioner and Transformational Coach

Transformational Coach and Healer who empowers individuals to reach deep within to find the truth of their soul and walk with courage and authenticity. She encourages worthiness and strength through her teachings, coaching and healings to remind us all that we are the source of our own power and how to find it. Fiona encourages clients to step into the arena of their life to co-create a world of dream realisation. She facilitates clients to  alchemise their fears and doubts into confidence, strength, vivacity and fortitude,  but most importantly, to walk in authentic truth.

Siri Chandler

Experienced Mindfulness educator, founder of Mindfulnessth

An experienced Mindfulness educator – training educators, parents, athletes, corporations and students of all ages. Her genuineness, kindness and personal experience of the benefits of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) infuse her courses with a special personal touch.

A dual Thai-American national, Siri currently lives in Pranburi, Thailand where she facilitates retreats, courses, and workshops in-person and online. As an enthusiastic life-long learner, Siri devotes her time to continuously deepening her own practice which she has been cultivating over the past 25 years. The skills and tools of mindfulness have helped her to cope with grief and difficult life challenges that have occurred during the past few years as well as cultivating joy and well-being. She is especially drawn to bringing mindfulness into daily life in a practical way and is enthusiastic to share this way of being with others.

Nick Littlehales

International Elite Sport Sleep Coach Since 1998, Founder of the Game Changing R90-T Human Recovery Performance Technique, Author #1 Best Seller SLEEP published in 15 languages worldwide, Accomplished Media Commentator Presenter Key Note Speaker

Nick is recognised as the world’s first and leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach, probably the world’s first Sleep Coach and regarded as a leading human recovery innovator. He has over 35 years’ experience within the sleep and sleeping product industry and over 22 years dedicated to elite sport. His unique, passionate and proven approach, is endorsed by leading sport science professionals, managers, coaches, organisations in sport and now business, health and education worldwide.

Marianna Giokas

Certified Mindfulness, Breathwork, and EFT/Tapping coach and founder of Zen Den Wellness, LLC.

Marianna is certified Mindfulness, Breathwork, and EFT/Tapping coach and founder of Zen Den Wellness, LLC. She offers customized self-care programs for individuals, couples, and groups. Her goal is to empower her clients to use effective, self-help tools for stress relief and self-awareness, allowing them to lead fulfilling, healthy, and productive lives.

Shelia Murray

Certified clinical aromatherapist, Senior case study instructor and research specialist at Aromahead Institute

It was in 2000 that I was first introduced to the aromatic world of essential oils and extraordinary plant medicine they offer. Coming from 15 years of Western medicine there was a deep ancestral stirring when I opened that first bottle of precious oil and inhaled. This came about while attending massage schol in New York, which carried me to Aromahead Institute´s very first certification program all those years ago. Later, I felt the need to know the whole plant and I went on to study herbalism so that I could intergrate the full spectrum of plant medicine into my practice and curriculum. Today, I utilize my knowledge of plant medicine to teach people how to safely use our aromatic plants to achieve and maintain health and balance within their lives.

Sian Lloyd

Holistic health coach and content creater, Founder of Live the wonderful life

Sian is a holistic health coach and content creator currently based in Europe. She is passionate about helping ambitious women create a more joyful balance in their lives, where they can still go for their dreams without sacrificing their true health and happiness along the way.

Jo-Dee Walmsley

Energizer speaker and happiness expert, Laughter Yoga Coach

“When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’  Lao Tzu 

Can laughter liberate the hidden potential of your people to “do it themselves”? Simply, yes!

 Jo-Dee Walmsley makes this bold idea real: As an experienced international motivational speaker, author, energizer and Global Laughter Ambassador, she shows the path via her L.A.U.G.H.T.E.R Method to more rewarding, creative and productive states of mind, perfected in recent years in keynotes and in workshops, tailored to Blue-Chip corporations and many more in Dubai, Europe and beyond and is now bringing her unique and vitalizing charisma online. Seriously? See for yourself!

‘We don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh!”

Cristina Lorefice

Founder of LOL4HEALTH LLC,  MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist) practitioner, 4-E Life Coach, Laughter Wellness Leader

Cristina Lorefice is a multi skilled  woman. She is a visionary, a motivational speaker, an author, a guide, a mentor. 
The mother of two children, a conquerer of eating disorders, domestic violence and depression. A victorious Empress. Cristina has been teaching and practicing Meditation since 2000. She is the founder of LOL4HEALTH LLC,  a Counsellor, an MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist) practitioner, a 4-E Life Coach, a Laughter Wellness leader, and a holistic body therapist. She has a passion for personal development, mental health, well-being and community work. She loves spreading healing, joy, love and laughter through her speaking engagements and workshops. She has been interested in the body-mind relationship for over 20 years and combines a variety of disciplines to find holistic solutions for health, wellbeing and personal empowerment. 

Kathi Keville

Internationally known herbalist and aromatherapist, educator, author

Internationally known herbalist and aromatherapist, Kathi Keville, has conducted medicinal herbs and aromatherapy seminars in North America and Europe for over 45 years. Her Green Medicine Herb School offers Aromatherapy and Herb Seminars and Apprenticeships, and tours of her 500-species gardens. She teaches at conferences, herb schools, and San Francisco State University extension, and leads Aroma~Herbalism trips to Tuscany. Kathi is Director of the American Herb Association, which offers the AHA Quarterly. She is an American Herbalists Guild founding member and received honorary memberships to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy and the American Aromatherapy Association. Kathi’s 16 books have been published in nine countries and seven languages, including German, Polish, Spanish, and French. Her latest books are The Aromatherapy Garden (Timber Press) and The Pocket Guide to Essential Oils (PenguinRandomHouse).