“How To Keep Positive Mindset and Stay Motivated to go through Challenges without Overwhelm”

(Even if you can’t seem to stop the mental chatter from tons of responsibilities on your shoulders or you doubt you have enough time in a day)

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

Don’t Miss This Vital Training Session For Working Women Committed to Succeed and Live With Less Sacrifice!

Meet Your Host, Radka Gimerova...

Radka is a Transformational Coach & Aromatherapist and has created 90-day Confidence Accelarator for working women.

For the past 10 years Radka has been helping people find fulfillment in their career and life, embody confidence and create success without forcing or sacrificing their personal well-being.

In this life-changing masterclass, Radka will guide you through the 3 proven ways to unlock the true power within you to accelarate your success in career and life … without overwhelm or loosing your SELF.


PLUS... Get These Powerful Free Bonuses When You Attend Live...

Bonus #1

(Valued $97)


The full access to replay of unique event with 10 inspiring speakers, offering you support and simple strategies to create peace, set up your mindset, connect deeper and access your inner wisdom. 

Bonus #2

(Valued $27)


Your own worksheet going along with the masterclass and onwards to help you stay positive and motivated

Here’s What Recent Attendees Are Saying...

“I really felt stuck, couldnt see the way out. Radka helped me reframe my story, transform my anxious feelings and listen to my own answers. I think more clearly now & feel more power to stand for my decisions in front of others.”

Andrea, Westech

“I used to fear every new task at work and easily got myself into stress and procrastination. Radka helped me regain my power, reframing whats true, what matters and helped me build true confidence to manage my days”


“Radka has a wonderful energy that made me feel calm and supported. She was able to help me identify the important things that are relevant to my goals and then helped me see simple achievable steps. She truly encouraged me to move forward.”

Oli, WV

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